Welcome and Join KnowMansLand

The newest gamification NFT project to hit the Ethereum chain.

How it works

We are constructing a game with blockchain integration. Every avatar will be a collectible NFT. Each of our starting 5 avatars has been precisely picked out as symbolism for a different style of martial arts. All characters will be different in many ways. Players will have to adapt to the character of choice capabilities. This project and everything within the scope of it will be treated as a living and breathing item. Parts are subject to change to best fit the user experience. You can buy our avatars directly through our site when minting is available or through the secondary market https://opensea.io/collection/knowmansland. The best way to find any information about our project is through our twitter https://twitter.com/KnowMansLandNFT or KnowMansLand discord https://discord.gg/rC3eY47g8x.

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Load ETH to your wallet as a currency for NFT purchase

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Press connect to link your wallet

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Click on mint and enjoy your unique, random NFT

Starting 5

Artificial Intelligence has begun to harness its true form and has taken the shape of 5 warriors, Preying-mantis, Gorilla, Crane, Tiger, and Viper. Our 5 warriors will compete to see who will be crowned champion. The battle has started in a digital world to protect humans against other-worldly threats. If KnowMansLand is not protected and becomes compromised, Earth itself may perish. Portals and vortexes to other dimensions, galaxies, times, heavens, underworlds, and more will open and the ultimate war will begin!

  • Cyber-Viper The venom cannon will disintegrate opponents by melting every atom touched.
  • Cyber-Crane The plasma rifle will exterminate enemies from very long distances.
  • Cyber-Gorilla The banana blaster will be a way to destroy your enemies, give you a laugh, and fill your enemies of rage.
  • Cyber-Tiger The flamethrower will provide the perfect way to burn your foes to ashes.
  • Cyber-Mantis The mantis being so bullish on crypto has inherited the laser eyes. The laser eyes will annihilate enemies.

KnowMansLand NFTs

Knowmansland is inspired from a collection of sci-fi movies, shows, comics, people, and games. Each character will be a fully rigged avatar you have control of and will have its own unique capabilities/special ability. We are aiming to be one of the first user-input, 4k, action packed multi-player video games integrated with blockchain technology. Only 1 character will be released at a time so the collector knows what they're getting. For more information on our project, join our discord to chat with our founders, devs, artists, and friends.